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Technique of the cryosurgical treatment :

The Cryosuccess unit function is based on cold expansion, whereby liquid N2O (nitrous oxide) is brought directly through a micro capillary to the area to be treated, under a remaining constant temperature of -89 °C (184,4 K). Freezing of the tissue to a depth of 3 mm, by a diameter of 10 mm is reached after an application time of 12 seconds. Patients feel a light «tickle», similar to a mosquito bite. In the following days, normally a necrosis forms, peeling after approx. 10 to 14 days.

Usually pigmentation comes back after a few weeks. However, the re-pigmentation could also take longer depending on the type of skin. Pain is usually not felt but of course the sensitivity for pain is quite individual. Therefore, a higher sensitivity is possible when removing bigger lesions.

Fields of Application :

1. Dermatology.            2. Gynaecology.

3. Urology.           4. Surgery.

5. Dentistry.    6. Podiatry.      7. Veterinary Medicine.

  • Cryosurgery has been used in dermatology for several decades to treat skin lesions. The advantage of cryosurgery is mainly seen in the easy application, the short treatment time, the low or even non-existent pain, the high success rate, the relative seldom skin damage, the also relatively seldom scar formations and the moderate treatment costs.

  • Cryosuccess Swiss made device works based on liquid nitrous oxide ( N2O ) in small, handy cartridges, which are under pressure.

  • General advantages :

  1. Low treatment costs "compared with Nitrogen".

  2. Simple and secure handling.

  3. Extremely precise application, with a constant penetrating temperature of -89° C. 

  4. Fits in the hand like a pen.

  5. Suitable for almost all skin changes.

  • Cryosurgery with (Liquidfreezing) the liquid phase of nitrous oxide ( N2O ) :

   1. Very high refrigerating capacity.

   2.  Recommended application times.

   3. Handy like a pen.

   4. Simple and virtually painless treatment.

   5. Effective treatment of all types of skin lesions.

Cryosurgery is suitable for treating almost all kind of skin lesions. E.g. warts, age pigments, hemangiolymphangioma, fibroma, condyloma and more.

​The following table shows just a part of the big number of possible skin lesions. The recommended application times are based on several tests and the experience of many users. More security, more efficiency and short treatment times.


It is possible that a longer application time or more than one treatment is necessary. It depends on the type of skin lesion, on the thickness of the skin and other factors. The application time is entirely up to the user and the personal experience.