About Us

At Sawa For Medical Technology, we’re committed to providing hospitals, clinics & medical center with exceptional standard of care & technology. Located in Amman, Sawa Medtec medical equipment trading is known to be on of the best medical groups in the middle east. We believe that our clients deserve the best technologies.


Founded in 2009 as a Jordanian medical distribution company.  In just few years, SAWA was able to grow its network into business partners, hospitals and clinics throughout Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Egypt and Iraq.  

By 2016, SAWA was able to further expand its growth by establishing a new branch in United Arab Emirates - Dubai. 

Today, SAWA’s primary objective is to nourish its existing business relationships and develop new partnerships with manufacturers seeking to penetrate Middle East markets. With a sole focus on medical distribution, SAWA’s portfolio continues to grow in large part to its expertise and dedication to customer service.

Our Mission

T​o provide world-class representation and distribution services to global medical manufacturers via our strong relationships and distribution channels throughout Middle East countries.

T​o provide the most innovative medical technologies for hospital, clinics and medical centers.

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